Horizon skyline window remodelation

The URSOS skyline outlines points window was remodeled.

Through the cylindrical diagram, you can now establish the outline for mountains or obstacles in the far horizon using a line of points (azimuth and solar height) and in this way to can know in each moment if our urban area receives sunlight or shades. (Shades caused by near mountains)

The curves that appear are the different solar trajectory for each month, starting with December (the smallest one), growing each month and finishing in June (the largest one). From June, they begin again to decrease till December. Also, it ́s possible to locate the “sun” given a month and a hour, to know exactly its location.

And we also have in mind to do other improvements that will come soon…

Here is a caption to have an overlook of what we are talking about


Google Maps integration

We have added some extra functionality.

We can now insert a background image to our URSOS design taking it from a real map from Google Maps !


So, once selected the area we want to capture, we set it on the background and after, it’s possible to scale the image by knowing the length of a street or another element in the map.