Let’s take a quick overview of the URSOS Software

1- The main editor

           This is the main editor, where we will work our urban area. We will introduce streets, plots, buildings, bus stops, etc… We can interact every element with the mouse, we can access floating and static menus, see every element through a tree view, see the properties, and access the button bar.



2- Input windows

         There are several windows where we input the elements data, such as building properties (wall coefficient, window coefficient, overhangs, comfort temperatures, air renovation rate), geometric data, plot usage data, etc…


Geometry of the building, orientation… 


Heights, elevation, towers, inner yards…

3- Result views

         Energy demand (for each building and global of the urban area), shades(between buildings and with overhangs), sustainability indexes (energy, environment and habitability)


Energy demand of the building and urban area



Overhang shades



Shades on the wall (from other buildings and from the self building)



Sustainability Indexes


           And that is all, we are currently working on adding the building rehabilitation, improving output windows, usability, etc … We have in mind other aspects such as a 3D visualization, social-urban indexes, autocad file import, etc… We want to keep this software growing and complete all needed tools to design, model and improve a urban area.