GEEZAR Soluciones SL is made up of professionals with granted trajectory in disciplines related to engineering, informatics and energy, connected to the management of consultant’s projects and services.

The company manages and coordinates a net of external contributors, experts in different areas, who provide resources and increase our capacity to take on projects.

GEEZAR Soluciones S.L, Works to implement efficient energy management systems for the companies that allow adapting and readapting productive systems, existing products or services; minimizing the use of energy resources and raw materials. The expected result is a more clear and efficient production, with important economic savings.

GEEZAR’s goals are accomplished by the development of design computer tools, modeling and energy process simulations.  In the case of energy demands for the residential sector, GEEZAR developed the tool URSOS Software, pioneer in the stimulation of energy performance and the evaluation of sustainability at district level.

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