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Online training courses



We are offering several online courses about Sustainable Urbanism (using the URSOS tool, of course).

At the moment, we are offering the courses in Spanish language, but if anyone is interested in receive an English course, we can talk about that. (please, write us at

The course is based on three fundamental bases:

  • Short theoretical instructions about the concepts that will be used.
  • Acquiring skills to manage the software.
  • Execute examples of modeling and improvement.







1.- Introduction 1.1.- Introduction: Energy need in the current context. Residential sector.
1.2.- Short introduction into the solar movement and the shade study.
1.3.- Sustainable urbanism and energy design for buildings.
2.- Energy balance for buildings 2.1.- Balances and energy simulation for buildings.
2.2.- The energy balance in  URSOS.
3.- URSOS, the software. 3.1.- Calculation methods in URSOS.
3.2.- Description of sustainability indicators in URSOS.
3.3.- Description of URSOS’s management.
4.- Examples of managing. 4.1.- Acquiring skills: Valdespartera (Zaragoza)
4.2.- Improving urban planning: Ensanche Sur de Alcorcón (Madrid)
4.3.- URSOS in building rehabilitation: Building in Alférez Rojas (Zaragoza).
4.4.- Work examples with sustainability indicators.