1- What is URSOS?
3- Why does URSOS exist?
4- Why would I use URSOS?
5- What can be understood by “urbanization” in URSOS?
6- What knowledge do I need to make use of URSOS?

What is URSOS?

URSOS is a modelling and simulation software for urbanizations at an energy level and for evaluations of sustainability.

A physical model of the urbanization receives inputs and characteristics such as roads, plots and buildings so it allows calculating energy demands, shades and sustainability indicators in an easy way.


URSOS is not a dynamic calculating program for the evolution of the temperature in a closed space and it doesn’t include time inputs.

URSOS is orientated to promptness in learning, modelling and obtaining results at urbanization levels, for whom could result really expensive to simulate time conditions for each building.

Why does URSOS exist?

Because there was detected a demand for urban plans evaluation tools and for the evaluation of existing urban districts regarding the energy demand, the charge for the environment and habitability.

Why would I use URSOS?

Because it is a program of prompt assimilation that will allow you to work from the first moment and you could work out models and have result after few hours, comparing possible solutions in terms of energy demand   and sustainability.

What can be understood by ‘’urbanization’’ in URSOS?

For the program, the urbanization is an ensemble of buildings and the context there are set up, because why, besides structural and thermal characteristics of the building, roads and plots are required.  In this way we can take for urbanization a new development in planning, a place from an existing district, a village etc…

What knowledge do I need to make use of URSOS?

The origins of URSOS are in the training, for which it was set up so that the user can acquire knowledge while he is using the program.  In any case, a user whit major theoretical knowledge about subjects like energy efficacy in homes, land reserves, Sun movement and others could get more information and faster using the program.

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